Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Diva Accessory - New Rhea Hawke Earrings

Hello My Darlings!  A little announcement from moi!

Girl friends like to shop (well at least I do, especially if it's CLASSY, DEBONAIRE
AND YOU GOT IT  "IN YOUR FACE - FLASHY"). You never know what "GUYS" WILL BE LOOKING - HA HA.  Ask my human!

When she in her studio, I disrupt her and send her into tizzy by sitting on her work bench, pushing all the jewellery aside! Stretching with my big paws -- ha yes.   You should see  MESS I MAKE !!

If I'm lucky, I'll find a necklace or two dig my paws into and run around with the chain, then it gets all tangles in knots (laughing --- wry smile)!!!!.
Then, I'll hide it on her and play the detective (naw I am a good Diva when I want to be..OR NOT)!!

I did find a great find though at this on line shop you might be interested in!
I have a feeling (umm there is more to come)!!!!

Sterling Silver Earrings = A must have for a Diva! Just recently launched in Montreal
and available now!!  Divas hit the floor running !!

I found a treasure today at my friend Vanessa's shop!

Well now you never know what you might find shopping!

Well Darlings this is a little note from me to you..............see you next time............

Keep those humans guessing...........................(wink wink)!!!


SF Girl said...

Well, Miss Diva! What a beautiful set of earrings! Rhea Hawke has excelent taste!


SF Girl said...

For those of you who don't know Rhea Hawke... well, she is a super detective and the star of The Splintered Universe Trilogy by Starfire World Syndicate and the first book, Outer Diverse, just launched this October 15th. Rhea Hawke doesn't take any **** from anyone and won't give up until she finds her criminal and solves her case. A little like a diva, I suppose... hehe ...


SF Girl said...

p.s. Here's the link to the first book: http://www.amazon.com/Outer-Diverse-Nina-Munteanu/dp/0982378335

CatMum said...

Wow, SF Girl you are very fast like a comet - do you work near the Milky Way? I wish I did - I expect there is "lots of milk" that is what I've heard? It might be a myth.

I'm excited to learn about your new book "Outer Diverse" my human has promised to read it to me - when she isn't in the studio (sigh).
I like Rhea Hawke she sounds like someone I want to learn from - he he!

Don't tell, but i love earrings too ...they are fun to play with.

Thanks for writing, we love to have your comments - it's great to communicate - articulate!

(paws clapping).