Friday, April 22, 2011

Who's The Fairest of Them All

Miss Diva after a shopping trip with her companion parent. We found this lovely Bradex plate
at Good Will. It was stacked on a shelf with 4 others, I kept pointing with my paws..... the look, look mummy ...'my look alike' kitten.
when that didn't work I kept 'meowing, and meowing' until it became a chorus - with people looking at me (blushing as Miss Diva remembers the moment).   
I fell in love with this, as it brought back memories of my own childhood, spending hours, like most women,
preening, washing whiskers and paws before going out on that oh so important date!! (smiling at the thought).
It wasn't so long ago that I was that playful kitten, chasing feathers, rolled up pieces of paper and anything that moved - yes even moving feet.  I had to be extra careful not to get tangled up in my moms feet, especially at dinner time, when the wafting cooking of chicken fills my nose with delightful aromas.
Well, I hope there is chicken in the menu tonight --- well, maybe F I S H~!

We did some research on the internet when we got home. What we found was this.
The Cat Fanciers Federation Inc, endorsed this pate (of many) in 1919 "to promote the welfare and betterment of the cat"
Crafted by W.F. George in 1992
This plate is entitle "Who's The Fairest of Them All" by Frank Paton, first issue in the Victorian Cat Capers
featuring romantic cats in Victorian settings.

Hello, do you like my new crocs?  Well, now that my parent is out of the room, I decided to find my favorite
spot and curl up behind the printer (sush - that's a secret).   I love shoes of any kind, and like now, I've always slept in
my companions shoes, slippers even sandals.  Well, I have always like to be different and show my unique character - as most Diva's do~~!!  I'm sure you have your own tastes in me?

Mummy, please TURN THE CAMERA OFF, i'm a DIVA don't you know??
Can't you see i'm trying to sleep and have 40 w i n k s?  I'm trying settle into these crocs
to get the right feel. Who said they have to be worn on the feet, I think they make terrific pillows.
Want to try them - go on~

Oh, it's been a sleepy day, even my mummy (parent companion) had a good
day of snoozing. I guess we just needed it. We had our fill of Hot Cross Buns
with orange lemon marmalade - slightly warmed to bring out the flavor.
Plenty of coffee to wash it all down.........well, I'd love to hear from you
with your comments and own reflections of your childhood memories -- for now...(yawning and purring in contentment ......  
To my adoring fans, known and those awaiting to be discovered... {Waving with right paw and smiling }as she drifts into 'snoozing cat land'.   ciao baby-- until the next ........"Jennies Jotting the Diva File"....

Oh yes, "Happy Easter"...hope you get lots of fish and chicken....for my human friends....
refined dark chocolate as I understand that is the very best".


SF Girl said...

LOL! Yes, I can totally agree with you on the dark chocolate, Jenni! That is my favorite too! Hope I get some this Easter... :) Actually, I know this terrific place that sells the best chocolate I've tasted in a while... :) Heading over there tomorrow...

CatMum said...

Dear Auntie Nina, thank you for your lovely comments. I still have a lot to learn about posting, being a 'junior journalist' takes a lot of form and practice as you know. I do hope you get some dark chocolate for Easter, that would be so very coolio. I know we are having a little steak or New Zealand Spring lamb. I haven't had that before..yummy I think? My parent was whispering in my ear -- (are you getting Vosges Haut Chocolat, we have had that before - wonderful :~3