Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Accessories - "Rhea Hawke" Clip-On Earrings

Hello, my Darlings - I'm back this time with more earrings!
Well, it was a day for shopping and getting those special items
no point waiting until the last minute!
She how hesitates is LOST or gets LEFT IN THE QUEUE!!

 This was a new version of "Going Down Memory Lane" or what you call "Retro"
It use to be you could find "Clip-On" earrings when it was all the rage! Then I guess modern with new styles Darling?  What's a girl to do... JUST GET NEW PROPS!!   Well for you ladies and gals you can now wear these "Up Market" earrings.  They look just like dangle earrings, I bet they feel great. Well, as i don't have very big ear lobs I have to cheat......ha ha.   Double sided tape won't do it - ha ha.

Wow these are really Sparkly!  Purrfect for the Opera or "Opening Night"!!  InspiredDesigns4YOU

I've heard these are extra special as they were inspired by a brand new book "Outer Diverse - The Splintered Universe Trilogy by Nina Munteanu  recently launched in Montreal on October 15, 2011.  Now Darlings, you can have your own earrings here is the link:

For some great reading you can get the book too
I'm going shopping again to get mine while they are still HOT!!!
We saw these Southwestern "clip-on" style too!
I think my Auntie Maude will like these she's 'Classy"

Well Darlings, I had better get some "ZNOOZIES' in it's been quite an exciting day! See you next time!

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