Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hello Dear Fans!

A little chronicle from my files as I write ....yes from delightful, Vienna.

As I look down from my hotel bay window, humans are in a rush to get to the Konditorei for mid-afternoon pick me of mouthwatering pastries and excellent coffee!

Austria, is so remarkable, the sounds of music, and much more.  I love Vienna, steeped in history and a fine wine. Magical, fun, a trip of a life time......escaping from my human..just to get away from it all (cat snickering).

Jet lag will catch up - but not until I write - LOL

A Konditorei typically offers a wide variety of pastries and is like a little café. In Germany, Austria and Israel it is a very popular custom to go to a Konditorei to have a cake and some coffee or hot chocolate mid-afternoon.

There is a lot more ..................

on my blog (Diva Paws for Advise) here....City to City - Vienna

A Konditorei typically offers a wide variety of pastries and is like a little café. In Germany, Austria and Israel it is a very popular custom to go to a Konditorei to have a cake and some coffee or hot chocolate mid-afternoon - See more at:
A Konditorei typically offers a wide variety of pastries and is like a little café. In Germany, Austria and Israel it is a very popular custom to go to a Konditorei to have a cake and some coffee or hot chocolate mid-afternoon. - See more at:
A Konditorei typically offers a wide variety of pastries and is like a little café. In Germany, Austria and Israel it is a very popular custom to go to a Konditorei to have a cake and some coffee or hot chocolate mid-afternoon. - See more at:

Just keeping in touch with my fans,

We love to hear from you by comment!

Take care ..............socialize for a PURFECT DAY.... (oh, my friends have just called me away for cream and cappuccino)!!!

....claps paws together...whisks out the a dramatic flurry...................


I guess the CAT NAP will have to wait....

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Diva File Chronicles - Christmas Boxing Day Edition

A little quiet moment to reflect

From the Desk of the Diva File Chronicles:

A little note from my
feasting and visiting !

I have been enjoying Christmas and Boxing Day with my family and friends.....phew......this pencil is getting heavy...or is that too much weight in my paws from eating Organic chicken???? Not to say of the fully tummy!!!!! (ummm hummm)!

I SAY this:  party ON

Well sooner or later you WRITER'S younger or older have to put the pens down and SOCIALIZE....HAVE FUN...EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY!!!!

In my other column, I speak the value of Christmas, Boxing Day and relaxing!!!!    Tis the season to just enjoy ..........!!!!

Count our blessings and paws too for that matter!!!

MY remedy for too much chicken is to watch a movie......:!!!

I hope you continue to have a marvellous time, Christmas, Hanukkah, or however you celebrate....

do it with FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!

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Opps I just broke my pencil................................a good excuse to have fun now!!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

 Bribe your HUMAN with this MIN/CE MEAT
I hope your PAWS are not too TIRED?

We like to try and stay a head of the game...(turkey, ham, pigeon pie) by making lists and having good (human admin) at our "beck and call"  not not 'Deck the Halls'.....although we like to decorate too.  My
good friend of DivaPaws4advise always has some good advise!

As a busy writer, trying to finish my book, I always rely on my HUMAN HELP!!

"Many hands make light work".

Gifts for the little wee folk
Tree bobbles ready for the Swatting LOL!
Lots of things to do this time of have to have LOTS OF HELPERS AND PATIENCE......(Yawn.....)

A delightful bowl of milk is a delicious way of getting through the work load of the MUSE!!

Always make time to write, and take time for a break!

Snack attack - ready to go
"Have a Wonderful Christmas Time"
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All the very best to you and your cat/kitten families - see you in 2013.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Big Party - Christmas to New Years 2012

Hello My Darlings!

Well, what is a girl to do but simply relax and sleep off the flurry of activity between pre-Christmas, Christmas, pre-New Years Eve and New Year Eve! Hob-knobbing with the elite, a full social calendar, lists, phone calls and communication and chilling with my best friends … all kept my paws hopping!

Let’s PARTEEE! Diva Style!

With a bowl of milk beside me … And viewing my celeb list … Let me think ... now … stretching the Diva brain!

Well, Cat Teddy is helping me with my Lists! What is a Diva to do but enlist the help of friends - such a lot to do and get it just right? "Many Paws make light work" Besides I had to SUPERVISE human activity too! LOL!!!

Canadian Christmas Eve! 

A tourtière is a meat pie originating from Quebec, usually made with minced pork and/or veal, or beef. It’s a traditional part of the Christmas and/or Christmas. Delicious wafts of beef and port drifted into the air to the delight of my guests!

Traditional Christmas pudding — Woo wee "pyrogenics"

Watch out for your tail! My human companion shared with me her stories of her home traditions: The rich pudding is carefully placed in an earthen ware dish. Holly is usually place in centre. A heaping dash of 4-star brandy dressed the pudding in style. A wish is made. The blue flame and brandy mingle for a moment, giving way to lovely aromas of the brandy that linger in the air with memories of Christmas’s before! My whiskers and moon eyes became glazed over.

Cat Teddy and Toulouse responded with a chorus of ‘oh’s and ah’s that filled the room in a symphony of wonder!!  My human remarked (with a twinkle in her eyes.). "You only need a morsel of this delicious pudding as it is so richly topped with cream, of course."
Cat Teddy’s eyes are wide open. Laughing hysterically, she almost lands face first in the cream. Ummm, did she have too much Sherry?!!

Pre-New Years Eve - My FIRST taste of DUCK

The aromas filled the air with gamey textures, not like chicken but something differing.
My whiskers quivered in expectation. It was overwhelming, mouth drooling … Time to plan some strategy to steal!!!  Woo hoo!

This is how you DO IT:

Step 1: Observe your humans -- make sure they have had wine (observe to see if they are slightly tipsy. Watch for the visual clues: glazed over expression, DROOPING eye lids and a general lull in the conversation.

Step 2:  With steely determination, LEAP onto a chair -- attack and run!!

TIPS:  use your body as a shield! Savor the moment and use furniture to block humans from getting your food! It works ALL THE TIME - especially if you give them the 'ROYAL HISS' LOL. Any self respecting Dog or HUMAN will BACK OFF!!

Whiskers quivering in delight! I almost had to have my GLASSES on to focus this close LOL!!

I shall look forward to writing more blogs … I'm actually thinking of setting up an email address where you can write to me. You may actually get some free advice on HOW TO DEAL WITH THOSE HUMANS - And Canine companions … LOL -- Watch this space!

My Darlings - HAPPY NEW YEAR  to all my adoring fans!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Most compelling Video: Outer Diverse - Diva Recommended!!

•*   Having you been longing to watch a compelling video, with wonderful music, emotion and compelling drama!  Well I just did and here are my review!!!  

Rhea Hawke is my new Diva idol......she can be yours too ♥¸.•*´)¸.•* .

After you have seen it go to Amazon and buy the book!!!

*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*This is a most compelling video, so full of passion, intrigue, tension!
struggle, longing, unrest I have seen in a very long time! The music beautifully captures the setting in this video. A stellar piece of work by Nina Munteanu.

The art work is stunning and I can hardly wait to get my copy of this book Do remember to vote for Cost Gurgi at the Aurora's in January for  his incredible art work*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*. 

Wow, this has got me purring!

!^,,^The link is on the upper right of the my blog page.....don't miss it.^,,^!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Accessories - "Rhea Hawke" Clip-On Earrings

Hello, my Darlings - I'm back this time with more earrings!
Well, it was a day for shopping and getting those special items
no point waiting until the last minute!
She how hesitates is LOST or gets LEFT IN THE QUEUE!!

 This was a new version of "Going Down Memory Lane" or what you call "Retro"
It use to be you could find "Clip-On" earrings when it was all the rage! Then I guess modern with new styles Darling?  What's a girl to do... JUST GET NEW PROPS!!   Well for you ladies and gals you can now wear these "Up Market" earrings.  They look just like dangle earrings, I bet they feel great. Well, as i don't have very big ear lobs I have to cheat......ha ha.   Double sided tape won't do it - ha ha.

Wow these are really Sparkly!  Purrfect for the Opera or "Opening Night"!!  InspiredDesigns4YOU

I've heard these are extra special as they were inspired by a brand new book "Outer Diverse - The Splintered Universe Trilogy by Nina Munteanu  recently launched in Montreal on October 15, 2011.  Now Darlings, you can have your own earrings here is the link:

For some great reading you can get the book too
I'm going shopping again to get mine while they are still HOT!!!
We saw these Southwestern "clip-on" style too!
I think my Auntie Maude will like these she's 'Classy"

Well Darlings, I had better get some "ZNOOZIES' in it's been quite an exciting day! See you next time!

New Diva Accessory - New Rhea Hawke Earrings

Hello My Darlings!  A little announcement from moi!

Girl friends like to shop (well at least I do, especially if it's CLASSY, DEBONAIRE
AND YOU GOT IT  "IN YOUR FACE - FLASHY"). You never know what "GUYS" WILL BE LOOKING - HA HA.  Ask my human!

When she in her studio, I disrupt her and send her into tizzy by sitting on her work bench, pushing all the jewellery aside! Stretching with my big paws -- ha yes.   You should see  MESS I MAKE !!

If I'm lucky, I'll find a necklace or two dig my paws into and run around with the chain, then it gets all tangles in knots (laughing --- wry smile)!!!!.
Then, I'll hide it on her and play the detective (naw I am a good Diva when I want to be..OR NOT)!!

I did find a great find though at this on line shop you might be interested in!
I have a feeling (umm there is more to come)!!!!

Sterling Silver Earrings = A must have for a Diva! Just recently launched in Montreal
and available now!!  Divas hit the floor running !!

I found a treasure today at my friend Vanessa's shop!

Well now you never know what you might find shopping!

Well Darlings this is a little note from me to you..............see you next time............

Keep those humans guessing...........................(wink wink)!!!