Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Diva Meets Another At the Spa

Hello my darlings! Welcome!  We are going to the Spa ... Woo Hoo!

I slept with my ‘SPA' certificate under my pillow all night! Can you believe it? Just when I thought I'd bug my human companion by getting up extra early - she beat me too it (sigh). I was being obstreperous.  I performed whirling dervish impressions just to annoy her. I slipped for a moment into daydream until the clang clang of the cat carrier brought me back into reality. My chariot and driver had arrived awaiting my orders!

I wriggled inside my cat carrier as we neared the entrance way to the spa. The air coming through the window of the car smelled fishy. We must be near the lake, I thought. Peering through my window I could see the grand drive way. Sparkling white French doors welcomed us. 

Delicate wafts of pomegranate drifted in the air; my whiskers and nose caught this like a bee to honey. Several pretty bottles on the counter ...

I thought ah would this be for me? I began to bob around, shifting my weight from side to side. 

My human commanded, "steady on girl! You almost made me drop you!...,settle, settle…" I smirked.  I thought, ha ha, sometimes my enthusiasm gets the better of me.

Just then, a woman dressed in a smart white uniform, (smiling sweetly), escorted me to my very own room. 

It was crisp and clean. A white towel with pretty green stripes was neatly folded on the table.  Other objects resembled gifts: a lovely salt lamp, minerals and other fun items; I was getting very excited.

I wasn’t quite sure about the toothbrush...

The technician began the treatment:

Teeth cleaning: Well, what can I say? It wasn't what I expected ... It was just like being at the Vet's. For a moment, my memory took me to a distant place: the vet tech (their eyes looking at the ceiling and shaking their head): "Miss Diva, this won't hurt ... why is she so difficult? ... Thank goodness, our patients are not all like this."

Segue to the present reality: my face felt like silly putty -- even the director at the theatre gives me some leeway. My paws were picked up one  at a time. I will not splay my nails for cutting ... Hey! Hey! This is annoying! My gut grumbled and rumbled from the from the pit of my stomach. I will display my physical self -- to scare them. Rise up like a puffer fish! ZONK! What if I left them a "bank deposit" from the Diva bank? ... Oh, it wasn't that kind of rumble ... My ears flattened. My head resembled a bristle board. I glared at the pleb. I AM THE DIVA ... WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT!

Massage: My human companion touched me affectionately and gave me a little massage. She told me to be good. The human tech better warm hands – I don’t want to jump out of my skin! (Rolling eyes toward ceiling -paws pointing out in defiance)!

Ears: Everyone knows how sensitive Divas can be. Humans just don't get it, do they? I splayed by ears, wriggled and carried on to show them who is boss!

Pedicure:  Someone forgot to tell them that I'm very ticklish - especially my PAWS!
Excuse me, did you ask MY PERMISSION?
Wait ... I feel a HISS coming on
Where's my MOMMA -- I am NOT AMUSED!

Treats and other delights:  The towel shrouded me in soft petals, melting me into a dreamy state.  An aroma caught my attention, lifting me out of my slumber, sniff, sniff (my blood-hound nose detected turkey or chicken).  

I gobbled it down with as much force as a wind tunnel vacuum cleaner. This is too good to share ...

My eyes averted to the door that was slightly ajar. A statuesque woman sashayed by, dressed in a Grecian bath robe and wearing a towel on her head. The thought passed …I wonder who this woman is ... she looks posh...Is she a diva too? ... How can I get a pair of those neo-classic shades?

I drifted off again relaxing into my experience once more with dreams of filet mignon in Paris overlooking the Seine, feeding on a delicious view of a couple kissing.  

Au revoir, my darlings!    

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Toulouse LeTrek said...

Hmmm.... The spa sounds marvelous... except for the bit with the teeth... Take care, Diva... and might I say that your smile is rather bright these days?... Meow!

Ton ami,
Toulouse :-3