Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Pizza Party.....the Morning After

May 26, 2011

More Tales from the Diva Files:
The Pizza Party – and the morning after –
The welcome and arrival: Miss Diva was feeling the energy of the spring time, viewing the lush baby green leaves as they revealed their new coats she decided to have a Pizza. This was to honour her friends, Auntie Nina, Toulouse Le Trek and her cousin Pig cat.   

Toulouse Le Trek 
 Pig Cat
She had just been at the groomers and her coat shone like gleaming a sparkling lake. The Diva was ready to receive her subjects.  The excitement was much like the opening of a premier.     
Upon reflection, not until the menu planning was finalized did this invoke the kitten memories of when she was a pregnant mother. The yellow texture of the pineapple, married with the soft sweet ham, made a delightful combination.

Come and Get It!!
The silence was broken for a moment to ‘ding, dong’; her quests had arrived. Toulouse Le Trek the Cool Travelling Cat came with his Auntie Nina.  Pig Cat (her cousin) smiled with a wide –eyed grin as she recognized her friends. Miss Diva ran around the room distracted by the overwhelming aromas.  The table was set, polite chomping filled the air resonating with the classical music in the background.

Heaven Scent

Tummies full and sighs of contentment, glances of smiles were exchanged between Miss Diva and her guests.  It was a lovely evening with the chatter of memories and new ones.   The gentle tick-tock of the clock struck ten, reminded everyone that it was bedtime.  Hugs all around and promises of future gatherings filled her soul with delight.

The morning after:
Diva With A Mission
Miss Diva awakes early feeling a little peckish (is there any more pizza left umm – a good way to tell whether a pizza is really good, is determined by how it tastes cold the next morning.   Ah ha if I sneak into the kitchen where the pizza box is – I should be able to get a morsel. I can do this without waking up the whole house hold?)

Stealthy, she creeps on her belly listening and watching, as she moved toward the kitchen where her reward will be found.  (I will use all detective skills to get what I want …for I am the consummate Diva).   She has squeezes behind the recycling. Plying open the box with her paws, being careful not to wake up her human companion she would be annoyed.  (Oh my, oh, my, I have to have that last morsel ….I will not give up on my mission I will be victorious. The box is standing upright…I wriggle my whiskers…pointing nose into the air …what do I smell….tomato ham and pineapple. There must be something left in the box.  I must stand on my toes, and use my paws to open the box!!

Miss Diva looks back into the hallway, glancing at the slightly open bedroom door where her human companion is ….all is good she is sleeping soundly. She stands on her hind legs stretching upward, grasping with paws on box (a little pressure. Good…good).   In deafening crash, thunk, thunk, came down the box, clanging like Notre Dame Cathedral.  Miss Diva feels the knot in her stomach; much like she does before performing…it goes away when she utters the first few words of a script.
Smack, smack went go her lips, tongue lapping in unison like windscreen wipers. Whiskers hovering in delight, pink tongue capturing the flavours of the night before.  (I am in my element).

She feels the eyes in the back of my head…my intuition doesn’t feel right. (I think I’m being watched)? She hears the movement of feet. It sounds like human footsteps (oh no, oh no, I’m in trouble).  

Silence breaks to a sound not of her own diva voice.  Bellowing out in a high pitched commanding voice, “Miss Diva, what on earth are you doing; you have woken the whole household…the kitchen is a complete shambles, who do you think is going to clean it up....hmmmmm?”
She looks up fearing to meet the eyes of her companion.  Their eyes meet for a moment, she reads her companions face, one of anger mixed with tough love.  Her companion uttered one more command.  “Go back to bed while I fix this mess…….we will talk about his later.” 

Life is Good in Diva Land
Feeling relieved, Miss Diva retires to her soft cat bed. She hears a muttering of the voice from the kitchen, "this is typical diva behaviour aren’t all of them like this – from one extreme to another."  Humans like to feel they are the boss, however I know differently!


SF Girl said...

That was a lovely post, Miss Diva! And it was very clever to check out the pizza the morning after. I take it from your various descriptions that the pizza passed the Diva test...

CatMum said...

Dear SF girl, thank you very much indeed for your kind encouraging words. Yes, the pizza was an epicurean delight. We are grateful to have such fine fans as yourself. There will be other pizza parties over the summer -- please bring your friend Toulouse along.

SF Girl said...

I will, Diva! We both look forward to many more parties at your place! They are divine!

Best Wishes,

Diva Cat said...

Dear SF Girl,
Thank you so much for your kind comments. Be sure to visit us on DivaPaws4Advice too.

Best wishes,

Have a meow filled day :)