Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rainy Days and Contemplating the MUSE

Hello Darlings! Well, well, what is a kitten to do in the RAIN...simply get into the M U S E! That is it now:  paws poised, comfy pen ready, I grab that notebook and start to WRITE. That is what my coach Nina says! "Let the MUSE come to you and don't worry about it darlings"!  Well, I went to the beach!  No self respecting dog would wear those 'dog rain boots' and I'm no exception.  Simply take your Chauffeur along and make him carry YOU! That is what he's paid to do!

Who ever created the expression "It's raining cat's and dogs"! For goodness sakes, do humans think we simply DROP OUT OF THE SKY WITH PARACHUTES??  Ha ha!  Only in movies or IF YOU ARE LUCKY TO HAVE A GOOD STAND-IN! Then you'd have to pay them a years supply of cat food!
Well it's pouring Toronto so I am A+ MUSED

I decided to have a little picnic by the beach.....plenty of "fish to fry" here. I was a little out of practice.These Lake Trout are pretty quick, and I'm not swimming in Lake Ontario to get my DINNER...THAT IS WHAT HUMANS ARE FOR --"GO AND FETCH IT - NOW"!!

Did you know you can find plenty of treasurers after a BIG STORM!  The SEA does all the work for you - ha ha.  Simply "nip out early" to get the best spoils.  Dig like furry with your paws; keep looking around for these pesky crabs or other urchins.   I got caught once by a huge crab holding my paws in vice-grip and wouldn't let go, until I let out a HUGE HISS AND SCREAMED MY BEST OPERA VOICE !!! I even scared the kids!

That got me thinking about another fish story. I was visiting my family in England once --stay away from those nasty Fish Paste sandwiches, darling! They only bring them out at birthday parties and high church holidays or if the Vicar is expected at gatherings. Aunty Maude usually has this on her menu. Politely avoid those cucumber sandwiches (unless you like them, otherwise you have to wash them down with a Spider Plant for dessert and we all know what that does - ha ha!!!). I savored the robust aroma of a Lady Grey Tea. It tickled my whiskers, wafting through the crisp air, tickling my nose with vibrant scents.   A spoonful of honey - swimming in the tea cup as it cascades, swirling motion  bottom of the cup to be enjoyed later! Unless I get my paws into it first.....................!

Ah Yes DarlingS,  planing another scheme to out wit my HUMANS!!!
Treasures at the Beach! You might find a PEARL or two for your wardrobe or even some Jasper Gemstones!

Ah yes, this must be McAngus "Beach n Residence" dog. Otherwise know as the Inspector
Someone left their Business card - like a note inside a BOTTLE!
Well Darlings, I found some nice jewellery to add to my collection. Purfect for those outings or at the THEATRE!!

When you are at a loss of what to do, use YOUR  imagination get that notebook and pen, simply A MUSE

Looking forward to seeing you next time ----- in the MUSE


SF Girl said...

What a fab outing, Diva! Crabs and urchins in Lake Ontario??? I must see! When next I'm there I'd love to join you on an outing to the beach! ... or The Beaches... :)

CatMum said...

Thank you SF girl, we love to have your comments. I would love to get to the beach again before the snow flies! However, for now I must drift in the MUSE. Lets dream about next summer..

Cheerio my darlings.....

Ramona said...

Haha...Diva dearest you made me think of my Toronto days and my own trips to the beach. I used to frequent Kew Beach. Thats where all the cute boys were ... lol ... hmmm...time to write down some memories.

CatMum said...

Hello Darling, how sweet of you to reply! Yes, my favorite place is Kew Beach too! There is a wonderful canteen on the boardwalk with fabulous ice-cream.
Cute boys you say - umm I'd better ask my human companion about that. She has her own stories - ha ha.